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THE BROOKLYN ART WALL project was initiated by Liz and Rafi Magnes with the mission to provide artists an opportunity to create an art / experience at this unique mural location. 

The building owned by Liz and Rafi Magnes is located at 62 Degraw St, where Cobble Hill meets Red Hook. The wall faces the curved street with a popular bike path to Red Hook parks and the art & cultural destination, Pioneer Works. The wall has unobstructed views for water taxis facing Governor's Island. The location acts as a pedestrian curiosity and project destination, with opportunities to host events at the home and the street facing the property.


Their initial use of the wall, upon purchasing the building in 2000, featured the 'OBAMA' painted mural in collaboration with Mark Reigelman ll. Becoming a known point of conversation for nearby residents, the wall’s location became a recognized curiosity.


Currently, the artist and poet Jimmy Raskin created his text work, “CLICHÉ CANDIDATE 01.” The wall has been photographed and tagged via social media, along with scheduled art visits.


About liz and Rafi Magnes: Married in Jerusalem, living there and the city of Yaffa, Liz and Rafi magnes moved to New York in 2000. Rafi Magnes is a prize-winning photographer and Liz is a renowned jazz pianist and composer known for blending American and Middle Eastern jazz. Their personal story for moving to this area is documented in The New York Times.


62 Degraw St,

Brooklyn, NY 11231


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